Stingby is a bee-like creature appearing in Super Mario 3D Land, appearing as an enemy. They also later appear in Super Mario 3D World.

Appearance and Behaviour

Stingbies resemble a bee. Strangely, their stinger is located on their face.

They chase after Mario and Luigi when they are encountered and the Bros may defeat it by jumping on top of it or by any powerup. These enemies are located mainly in sky levels and can only fly straight unlike other bees which can fly up and/or down.

They also appeared as obstacles in Mario Kart 7 in the battle course Honeybee Hive.



  • A similar enemy called an Urban Stingby appears in Super Mario Odyssey. They at first appear in a larval form, but then grow to their adult form once Mario comes nearby. At that point, they charge. If they hit something, be it friend or foe, the Urban Stingby will self-destruct, dealing damage to anybody near the impact.
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