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Stickers are the main items in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They serve as Mario's main and only means of attack in battle (as there is no Flower Points nor Badges in this game).


There are three different types of Stickers that Mario uses:

Battle Stickers

These stickers are mainly used in battle. Mario can find them laying everywhere in levels (some are hidden in Hidden Boxes). Mario can also buy these in certain Item Shops but mainly in Decalburg. Some Battle Stickers can be used outside of battle only to solve certain puzzles.

 List of all Battle Stickers

# Sticker Name Coin Cost Found Damage
01 Wornoutjumpsticker Worn-Out Jump 2 Various Low
02 50px Jump 3 Various Moderate
03 50px-Shinyjumpsticker Shiny Jump Various
14 FlashyhopslipperPMSS Flashy Hopslipper

Thing Stickers

These special type of Stickers are mainly used outside of battle to solve puzzles. They can be can be found in hidden areas in levels and can be bought at the Thing Sticker Shop at Decalburg. Mario can also use these Stickers in battle if he must.

List of all Thing Stickers


Scrap stickers are sticker objects that are found laying around on levels. Mario must Paperize them into their correct locations (some of them just need to be adjusted) to solve puzzles.

List of all the Scraps

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