Sticker Shops are locations that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Only five Sticker Shops can be found in the entire game. They replace the regular Item Shops from the other Paper Mario games.


Each of the Sticker Shops differ in appearance in the game:


The Sticker Shop in Decalburg is the only one that is actually in a building. The building itself appears to be pretty large that is mainly blue in color. It also as two giant Fire Flower stickers, a Jump sticker, and a Hammer sticker on the frontside of it. A peelable Jump sticker is also present on the left side everytime Mario returns to Decalburg.

Whammino Mountain

Unlike with Decalburg, the Sticker Shop in Whammino Mountain is located outside. It has a Toad merchant that sells Stickers on a giant, wooden board.

Outlook Point

Located in World 3, this Sticker Shop, like the one in Whammino Mountain, is located outside. However, there is a much nicer view on grassy plains.

Shaved-Ice Cave

This Sticker Shop is located in the cold atmosphere of World 4-4. This is the only Sticker Shop in the game that is located inside of a cave. The Toad merchant is frozen solid but he is still able to 'talk' and sell Stickers to Mario.

Rumble Volcano

The final Sticker Shop is located deep in this volcano. The Toad merchant says how hot it is there. Like with the one with Whammino Mountain, this Sticker Shop is located near the end of the level.


Each of the different Sticker Shops are known for selling different types of Stickers. Also, as Mario progress through the game, the Sticker Shop's inventory increases to selling better Stickers.

  • Decalburg: This Sticker Shop always sell regular ranked Stickers. As Mario progress in the game, this Sticker Shop will sell Big Shiny items and Shiny Mushrooms.
  • Whammino Mountain: This Sticker Shop also sells regular ranked Stickers but as Mario gets further in the game, it will then sell Shiny ranked Stickers. This Sticker Shop is the only one that sells Poison Mushroom Stickers.
  • Outlook Point: This Sticker Shop sells Big Shiny ranked Stickers. This Sticker Shop is the only one that sells Secret Door stickers.
  • Shaved-Ice Cave: This Sticker Shop sells pretty much all of the Shiny based Stickers. This Sticker Shop is known for selling Megaflash and Big Shiny ranked Stickers.
  • Rumble Volcano: This Sticker Shop sells mostly Shiny-based stickers. This Sticker Shop is known for selling Flashy Jump and Flashy Hammer stickers.