The Sticker Album is an item in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Sticker Album is a pretty large book. It has many Stickers on the front cover. It is also mainly red with a large golden star that the middle of the cover.


The Sticker Album is mainly used to hold Mario's Stickers including the battle stickers, thing stickers, and scraps.The Sticker Album is always located at the bottom touch screen. It starts off with only two pages but after everytime Mario defeats a boss, the Album can increase to a total of eight pages. Mario also gets an Album Page from a Toad running away from Kamek early on in the game. Mario can also organize his Stickers at will (this is especially helpful when Kamek turns his Stickers into Sandles during their fight). The Sticker Album also has a special page to hold Mario's Royal Stickers whenever he collects one.


The Sticker Album can be opened by pressing "X." It currently has four main sections that Mario can access:

  • Status: This page displays Mario's current HP, the current amount of coins he's carry, the number of Comet Pieces he's collected, and the game time played. This page also displays the number of Royal Stickers he currently has and displays the location he is currently at.
  • Stickers: This page holds all of Mario's main stickers he uses in battle. The player can press Start to organize the stickers.
  • Scraps: This page holds all of Mario's loose scraps he has found laying around in levels. Mario can then Paperize the Scraps into their proper place.
  • Things: This page holds all of Mario's Thing Stickers that he has found in levels. Mario can then take these stickers to either Decalburg or Outlook Point to sling them and turn them into Battle Stickers.


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