The Steward is the first boss in the game. He, Director Morty, King Boo and Hellen Gravely are the only boss ghosts in the game that will talk to you. Although Steward only talks to you when he is in his disguise. He is the only boss in the game who gives you two elevator buttons after beating him.


After Luigi frees Professor Elvin Gadd and returns to the basement, they will see the Steward in the basement. When he sees Luigi and E. Gadd, he gets shocked and pushed a cart containing his mask and coat away. He then starts to throw suitcases at Luigi, the battle begins now. The Steward will attack you by throwing suitcases at you. You will need to flash him after he has thrown a suitcase and then start sucking him up. He cannot be flashed while he is holding a suitcase. You will get the buttons to go to the first floor and the fifth floor after beating him.


The Steward appears to be a tall blue ghost. He wears magenta-colored bellhop clothes which includes a magenta bellhop hat and a magenta bellhop suit with blue shoulderpads as well as blue and gold striped ends on his sleeves. In the lobby, he was wearing a purple mask behind his table. He will ask you if you want to check in. He will also lead Luigi and the others to the fifth floor with Hellen Gravely.

Steward in lobby

Steward in the Grand Lobby



Steward Battle Music

Steward Battle Music

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