The Statue Leaf is an item in Super Mario 3D Land.

The Statue Leaf gives Mario a modified Tanooki Suit, with the difference of a red piece of cloth wrapped around the neck. The main feature of the Statue Leaf is that, when Mario performs a Ground Pound while wearing it, he turns himself into a statue.

While in Statue form, Mario is immune to damage from most enemies and obstacles. His enemies will also stop chasing him and turn the other direction, fooled by his statue appearance. Additionally, as Mario usually turns into a statue while hovering on air, he can crush most enemies and obstacles below him at the time of the transformation, even — and most notably — spiked ones, which would normally hurt him were he to perform a regular Jump or Ground Pound towards them. Mario can take advantage of this when required to battle Spinies or on levels with rolling spiked bars.

The Statue Leaf is only obtainable in the game's Special Worlds, accessible after beating Bowser at the last castle in World 8.


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