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The Starshine Beach Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is found in World 4. The galaxy uses a beach theme, and is more of an exploration-based galaxy. There are a total of three power-ups used here: the Blimp Fruit, the Dash Pepper, and the Cloud Flower. The level shares similar themes with those used in Super Mario Sunshine. Piantas are residents of this galaxy.


Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars

The objective of this mission is to find and collect 5 Silver Stars scattered across all of Starshine Beach.

Climbing the Cloudy Tower

This mission requires Mario to find a Cloud Flower, and take it to the Cloudy Tower to climb it and obtain a Power Star. The Cloud Flower is obtained after hitting a switch at the top of the ocean tower, and Mario can use a Leaf Raft to transport himself to the Cloudy Tower to avoid losing the power-up.

Purple Coin Beach Dash

This mission is only accessible, unless already completed, when a Purple Comet is in orbit. This mission makes Mario collect 100 out of 140 Purple Coins in a strict time limit, using Yoshi and the Dash Pepper to dash across the beach.

Green Star Missions

Green Star 1

This is found in the Surf, Sand and Silver Stars mission. It is found above a ? Block on a palm tree near the ocean, which requires the Blimp Fruit to access.

Green Star 2

This is found in the Surf, Sand and Silver Stars mission. It is above the surface of the ocean, by the ocean tower. It requires the Dash Pepper and a well-timed Flutter Jump and dismount.

Green Star 3

This is found in the Climbing the Cloudy Tower mission. After obtaining the Cloud Flower, Mario can use a Leaf Raft to head to the bouncy buoy, and high above it is the Green Star.


Starting Planet

The starting planet is an unremarkable spherical water planet with one platform sticking out. There is a Launch Star here, and nothing else, other than a random chance of Luigi appearing to play as instead.

Starshine Beach

This planet is a very large beach, quite possibly one of the biggest planets in the game. This is broken into sections.

Main Island

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The Ocean

Cloudy Tower

The Cloudy Tower is an area found on the opposite side of the planet as the ocean. It is an area with a tall tower, and a small moat surrounding it. In the first mission, there is only a Silver Star on the top of it. A nearby Blimp Fruit can allow Mario to reach it. In mission 2, the tower is surrounded by clouds, and has a Power Star on the top instead. There are some Water Shooters which shoot bubbles of water, which can make Mario lose his Cloud Suit.

Bonus Areas

There are two bonus planets in this galaxy. One is found via a teleporter, which makes Mario fight Crabbers in a time limit for the chance to get 3 1-Up Mushrooms. The other area is found by a Warp Pipe on a small island, and it contains three Chance Cubes.


The Dry Bones outside the planet.

  • If the player is using a level editor, they will see a Dry Bones placed near the main planet's side and above the void, causing it to fall and die before a player gets a chance to see it. However, Dry Bones don't really fit in beach themed levels, so this is likely a mistake made during the making of this galaxy.
  • The level Surf, Sand, and Silver stars is an obvious pun on Surf, Sand and Sun.