Starbeans Café is a coffee shop that only brews beans that is seen in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is owned by Professor E. Gadd and the Starbeans Employee is employed there. It is located in Beanbean Castle Town of the Beanbean Kingdom.


Starbeans Cafe is an optional place that Mario and Luigi can visit. Mario and Luigi can use their beans that they have found underground to help brew up the Beanbean coffee. Every time Mario and Luigi brew up a different coffee each time, E. Gadd himself will appear and have a small sample of it. Several other events that parodies Luigi's Mansion happens each time E. Gadd appears including him riding in on the Poltergust 3000 and using the Game Boy Horror. Also, E. Gadd will also give Mario and Luigi a certain item that could help in their quest.


Blend Type Beans Required Stat Boost
Woohoo Blend
25 Woo Beans +4 Hit Points
Hoohoo Blend
25 Hoo Beans +4 Brothers Points
Chuckle Blend
25 Chuckle Beans +4 Speed
Teehee Blend
25 Hee Beans +4 Stache Points
15 Woo Beans + 10 Hoo Beans +4 Power
15 Woo Beans + 10 Chuckle Beans +4 Defense
15 Woo Beans + 10 Hee Beans +6 at a random stat

In Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, the Woohoo, Hoohoo, Chuckle, and Teehee Blends only cost 10 of their respective bean.


  • Starbeans Café is an obvious parody of Starbucks Coffee.
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