The Star Spirits originally debuted in Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64. It was in this game, the Seven Star Spirits were very, very, important to the course of the game. Bowser, in the movie at the very beginning of the game, traps the spirits inside of seven diffenent cards and spread across the Mushroom Kingdom. With the spirits trapped, all hopes were lost for the kingdom as they were the guardians of wishes and the all-powerful Star Rod. Bowser also stole the rod from the Star Spirits and used its power to become invincible. Each of the Star Spirits were sent to various dungeons and were guarded by Bowser's most sinister minions. Those being The Koopa Bros., Tutenkoopa, Tubba Blubba, General Guy, Lava Piranha, and the Crystal King. Every time Mario obtains one of the spirits, he gets a new ability in balle as well. Mario eventually finds all seven and by going to Star Haven, he obtains the power of the Star Beam, the only way to counteract the Star Rod.

The Final Fight

During the final fight of the game, Mario must fight Bowser but he uses his machine to be much more powerful. In doing so, the Star Beam becomes useless until Peach and Twink use their wishing powers to enhance the attack into the new Peach Beam. This attack is used the same way the Star Beam is, to counteract the Star Rod. After the battle is over, Princess Peach's Castle, located above Bowser's Castle, is about to be destroyed as a power surge has spread into Bowser's Castle and will self-destruct. So, the Star Spirits then uses their power to protect Mario, Peach, their party, and the Castle from the explosion. Afterwards, Mario gives back the Star Rod and the seven Star Spirits fly off. They are seen again during the ending credits on one of the floats. They are all on the first float during the nighttime portion of the parade.

Mario Party 5

The Star Spirits are also the seven stars that host Mario Party 5. Their names are Eldstar, Mamar, Skolar, Muskular, Misstar, Klevar, and Kalmar.


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