Star Space.jpg

The Star Space is a special type of space that appears on the boards throughout the Mario Party series. The star space is randomly placed on a Blue Space on the board map before the start of the game. When a player approaches the star space, they will be asked if they would like to purchase a star for twenty coins. Once the star is purchased, the Star Pace will randomly switch positions on the board map. The star space does not count as a space a player can land on, thus passing the space will not lower the number of spaces the player can travel during their turn. The host of the star space varies on the host of the Mario Party game, but is usually hosted by the main host of that game.

There are special items like the Magic Lamp and Wiggler Capsule that carries the player straight to the star space. In contrast, there are certain items like the Lucky Lamp and Tweester Capsule that switch the position of the star. Also, on certain board the role of the star space changes. In the board map Spiny Desert in Mario Party 3, there are two star spaces, one of them being a mirage. Also, the price of the star at the star space varies on different board maps. The last five turns event also change the role of the star space in different games. In Mario Party 5, one of the options of the last five turns events is to create five star spaces instead of one.

In Super Mario Party, players can purchase stars from Toadette with 10 coins.