The Star Rod is a magical item that appears in the Mario series.


Paper Mario

The Star Rod appears as the main focus item of the game. In the beginning, Bowser stole the Star Rod from Star Haven, sealed away the Star Spirits, and used it to lift his castle and Princess Peach's Castle from the ground and into the sky. Bowser then used the Star Rod to defeat Mario and his reign began. However, Bowser learned that Mario defeated the Goomba King where Bowser revealed he used the Star Rod to make him bigger. Bowser also used the Star Rod to hide Dry Dry Ruins, make Tubba Blubba invinicble, help General Guy take over Shy Guy's Toy Box, help Lava Piranha get into Mt. Lavalava, help Huff N. Puff take over Flower Fields by giving him the Puff Machine, and help the Crystal King invade the Crystal Palace. Eventually, Bowser was thwarted by Mario and the Star Rod was returned to Star Haven.

Super Smash Bros. series

In all of the Super Smash Bros. games, the Star Rod appears as a common item. The player can use the Star Rod as both a physical item and a projectile item. If the player swings the Star Rod hard enough, it will release star blasts that can deal moderate damage to others. However, the Star Rod is limited and becomes rather useless once all of the star blasts run out.



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