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Mario surrounded by Star Bits

A Hungry Luma.

Star Bits are projectiles launched in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel.


They are found more often than coins in the galaxy universe, and can be collected with the Wii Remote, or Mario can pick them up by himself. Mario can launch them to shoot enemies, temporarily stunning them. Some parts of the game require that the player has earned a certain number of Star Bits, as he is asked to "feed" them to a Hungry Luma. Star Bits are very versatile and are used in many different ways.

The colors that a star bit can come in are red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. Star bits can be found in many different ways.


  • When the player collects 9,999 Star Bits in Super Mario Galaxy, all coconuts turn into watermelons, the function of the watermelon and coconut are the same, however.
  • A theory in the game The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, is that the Star Fragment item is considered an inspiration from the star bit.
  • Star Bits are said to taste like honey.
  • When launching a Star Bit to a Luma, it'll exclaim how delicious it is and thank the player.