The Star Beam is a powerful move performed by all of the Star Spirits in Paper Mario. Mario receives this power in Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown!. Its main purpose is to take off Bowser's invincibility from the Star Rod. It can also be used to negate the power of any status placed by Magikoopas.


Mario was sent on a quest by Eldstar to find and save all seven star spirits so Mario can use this power to defeat Bowser. After finding the seventh Star Spirit, Mario accesses Star Haven and claims the power of the Star Beam from the Star Spirits. During his encounter with Bowser in Princess Peach's Castle, Mario is successful with the Star Beam, however, after being defeated, Bowser flies to the top of the castle and Mario chases after him. Bowser, in the second fight, has been increased by the magic of Kammy Koopa and her created battle arena; Bowser has grown so powerful that the Star Spirits' Star Beam no longer affects him. Mario then relies on the wishes of Princess Peach and Twink to increase the power of the Star Beam, becoming the Peach Beam. With the Peach Beam, Mario successfully defeats Bowser and saves the Mushroom Kingdom.

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