Not to be confused with Power Star or Starman.

Stars are the main objects of value in the Mario Party series. The main objective of the Mario party games is to collect the most stars.


Stars are the objective of the Mario Party games. Other than being used in recreations of fun, there are other importance's in Stars.

In Mario Party 5, the stars has to be created in order to give the characters power in order to stop and defeat Bowser in destroying all dreams.

In Mario Party 6, Brighton and Twila are arguing, and Mario suggests collecting Stars in order to end their feud. In the game's epilogue, Brighton and Twila see how desperate they are to end their feud, so they stop fighting for the sake of everyone else.


There are different methods of collecting stars throughout the Mario Party series.

  • The Star will teleport to a different spot in the board. The players have to run to the Star and pay 20 coins to receive it. After that, the Star is teleported somewhere else in the board. This is the most common method of collecting stars.
  • The Star will stay in one spot, but the price for the Star will be different every time. This concept was introduced in Mario Party 6.
  • The Star will be hidden in one out of three places, and the player has to go to one of the places, and hope they get lucky. This concept was introduced in Mario Party 7.
  • All of the Players have stars in the beginning. They must steal the Stars from each other. This concept was introduced in Mario Party 6.
  • The Stars are located in multiple places, but the players must invest coins to get them. The person who invests the most coins gets the stars. This concept was introduced in Mario Party 7.

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