Star ‘Stache Smash is a minigame in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its remake.


It takes place in Little Fungitown. When the bros. go into the arcade, they find an arcade machine. If they use it, they will be taken to a minigame. Two piranha plants with open “mouths” are on each side. The objective is to get the power-ups into the piranha plants to get a score of 200 or more. Bob-ombs will close the mouths. Upon completion, the bros. are rewarded with an Invincishroom. After Mario eats it, he gets sick with Bean Fever.


Mario uses the GBA A.png button and Luigi uses the GBA B.png button to tilt the board upwards.

Hee Beans rewarded (GBA)

After Luigi heals Mario with Crabbie Grass, the minigame can be played again for Hee Beans instead of an Invincishroom.

Point Goal Reward
200-219 1 Hee Bean
220-239 2 Hee Beans
240-279 3 Hee Beans
280-319 4 Hee Beans
320-359 5 Hee Beans
360-400 6 Hee Beans
401-440 7 Hee Beans
441-480 8 Hee Beans
480+ 9 Hee Beans

Hee Beans rewarded (3DS)

Point Goal Reward
200-219 2 Hee Beans
220-239 3 Hee Beans
240-319 4 Hee Beans
320-339 5 Hee Beans
340+ 8 Hee Beans

3DS differences

  • The background is now decorated.
  • The piranha plants are now in pipes.
  • Mario and Luigi have been changed from their heads to just jumping.