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Standard PC is Princess Peach's standard kart in Mario Kart DS. It is one of Peach's karts, the others being the Royale and the Light Tripper. The kart is pink, just like Princess Peach's dress.

In comparison, this kart is the middle of the three, having great acceleration and drift, just as her other karts in the game, but lacking in top speed and handling, and with medium items. This is one of the thirteen Standard Karts (one for every character, including Shy Guy) in the game.

It shares its handling with Wario's Standard WR, and shares its items stat with all other characters' standard karts.

During gameplay, only Princess Peach can use the Standard PC. However, if the player manages to complete all Mirror Mode cups, all other characters can use this kart.


Standard PC
Class Light
Speed 47
Acceleration 73
Weight 32
Handling 48
Drift 98
Items 66