Stake Your Claim is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party. The phrase "stake your claim" is indicating what belongs to the person. The minigame is hosted by Toadette.


The minigame sets in a sakura setting where there are cherry blossoms. Players run to their spots and the minigame starts.


There are five rounds in the minigame. Players have ten seconds to choose a stake. After every player chooses a stake or time runs out, the sector divides it into small squares and are counted. The player with the most stakes earns five points, the second-most earns three points, the second-least earns two points and the least earns one point.


The camera zooms back to the players, the winners does their victory animation while other players does their losing animation. Toadette keeps slightly nodding.


  • NS Stick - Move cursor
  • NS JC Right Button - Claim

In-game description

  • "Grab the biggest space!"
  • "Identify and claim the biggest space before your rivals!"
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