Stacked Deck is a battle mini-game that appears in Mario Party 3.


The characters will be in a giant room that contains a blue and white tile pattern. The back of the room has giant question marks that can be seen rotating, and there are various blocks that look like Warp Block laying on the side of the room. The main feature of the room is the giant rug with a question mark on it. At the start of the game, the characters will be presented a stack of twelve cards. Each of the cards have one of three different Mario series characters: Toad, Baby Bowser, or Boo. The cards will randomly be shuffled and laid out across the giant carpet. The first character will then have a chance to choose one of the twelve cards by ground pounding on them. The objective of the mini-game is for the character to find a Toad card among the group of other cards. If they are managed to get a Baby Bowser card, then they will be eliminated from the mini-game. The Boo card will randomly shuffle the order for deciding what player gets the next card. The last character standing will win the mini-game.

Card Types

  • Toad Cards - These are the most common type of cards in the deck. When a character lands a Toad card, they will be allowed to continue in the mini-game. There are a total of six Toad cards in the deck.
  • Baby Bowser Cards - These cards are uncommon, and the only type of card that characters should avoid. If they manage land a Baby Bowser card, then they will be eliminated from the mini-game. There are a total of four Baby Bowser cards in the deck.
  • Boo Cards - These cards are rare, and do not help or hinder the player. If a player lands a Boo card, Boo will appear and reshuffle the order for choosing cards. There are a total of two Boo cards in the deck. Most of the times, you will have another turn when you get this card.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Jump
  • A Button then Z Button - Ground Pound