Squizzard is the reptile-resemblant boss of Slipsand Galaxy. He has small arms complete with thick wrists and small hands with only three fingers on each (complete with brown, sharp nails), round eyes with brown eyebrows, a Mohawk-resemblant rock attached to its head, and a two-toothed beak resemblant of that of a Koopa Troopa, And A Tail For Hisstocrat. Squizzard vastly resemblanes Blargg from Yoshi's Story. To defeat it, Mario needs to grab a Fire Flower whilst dodging his attacks, and upon the opening of his mouth, shoot it. To attack he throws balls of sand then spiky red and yellow balls then he summons two cannons (Replaced in Graffiti) when the cannons are destroyed he will throw two bombs.

Boss Battle

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Squizzard Boss Gameplay

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Squizzard Boss Gameplay


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