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For the article on the Sprixie Princesses, see Sprixie Princess.

A Sprixie is a fairy-like being residing in the Sprixie Kingdom in the game Super Mario 3D World. In-game, they appear in levels, Slot Machines, Mystery Houses and Sprixie Houses. In certain levels, a Sprixie can reveal a further point or even the Goal of a level by looking through their binoculars. A normal Sprixie dons a pink and white color scheme and a hood on their head.  Their face is Mushroomer-like.  Whether males exist or not is unknown. The Sprixie Princesses are their known rulers.


  • A similar species exists in Kirby 64, but this is merely a coincidence.
  • For some reason, Sprixies are not shown to have legs.  Their dress may hide an extradimensional space where the lower body is, and it appears to contain a dark void when looked at from below.
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