The Sprinter, also known as the B Dasher Mk. 2 in other countries, is the fastest kart and vehicle for middleweights in the game Mario Kart Wii.


The Sprinter has an aerodynamic appearance (a dragster) and resembles the Jetsetter in various ways, like Speed, Acceleration, Off-Road, and others.

The Sprinter is unlocked by unlocking 24 expert staff ghosts, winning 3,000 WFC races (now impossible), or by playing 4,650 games.


The Sprinter is the fastest middleweight kart in the game. It also has decent weight.


The Sprinter has one of the worst accelerations in the game. Going off-road is not a good idea if you are using this kart, for the Off-Road stat is low. Its Handling, Drift, and Mini-Turbo are very low.


Course Staff Character Time Wheelie Drift Type
Luigi Circuit Nin★sato Luigi 1:29.670 NoN Manual Normal
Mario Circuit Nin★fuyu Mario 1:33.702 NoN Expert
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