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The Sprinter (also known as the B Dasher Mk 2 in the PAL version) is a unlockable kart used by the Medium-sized characters in Mario Kart Wii. It is the successor to Mario's B Dasher from Mario Kart DS.


The Sprinter resembles a modern Forumla One car, very similar to Mario's B Dasher from DS. Its bike counterpart is the Sneakster. The characters' emblem is located on the two tailfins and the hood.

The Sprinter is unlocked by unlocking 24 Expert Staff Ghosts, winning 3,000 WFC races (now impossible), or by playing 4,650 races.

The Sprinter is used for the Normal Staff Ghost on Luigi Circuit by Nin★sato, using Luigi, with the allotted time of 1:29.670, and is used again for the Expert Staff Ghost on Mario Circuit by Nin★fuyu, using Mario, with the allotted time of 1:33.702.

The Circuit Special in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe can be considered to be the Sprinter's successor, as well as to the B Dasher, as not only is it based of a Formula One car, but in the Dutch translation, it is called the Sprinter 2.0.


The Sprinter is the fastest kart within the medium-sized class, and its weight is tied with the Shooting Star bike, which is in the Large-sized bike category. However, it does have low acceleration, off-road and mini-turbo, whilst it has the worst handling within the medium-sized class. It does, however, make it up wih above average drift.

Sprinter (B Dasher Mk 2)
Class Medium
Speed 64
Weight 48
Acceleration 27
Handling 24
Drift 37
Off-road 21
Mini-turbo 24

Color schemes

  • Mario: White and red.
  • Luigi: White and green.
  • Princess Peach: White and pink.
  • Princess Daisy: White and dark orange.
  • Yoshi: White and lime green.
  • Birdo: White and deep pink.
  • Diddy Kong: Orange and red.
  • Bowser Jr.: Pale dark green and yellow.
  • Male Miis: Black and deep red.
  • Female Miis: Creamy white and dodger blue.


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