Spooky (スプーキー?) is a bulldog found in the Boneyard of Luigi's Mansion. Much like other dogs, Spooky likes bones and according to Luigi's Game Boy Horror, Spooky is a four year old dog. As the story goes, it states that King Boo released all the Portrait Ghosts, including Spooky. Spooky appears to be guarding his own doghouse which leads to Bogmire in the Graveyard.


When Luigi completes the Kitchen, he may move onto the Boneyard where Spooky is located. When Luigi first enters, he must go near Spooky at first who chases Luigi and tries to bite him. Luigi must avoid Spooky for a while until a Skeleton Ghost called Mr. Bones comes up, being annoyed with the racket that Spooky is making. Luigi must then suck up the ghost with his Poltergust 3000 while avoiding Spooky.

When done, Mr. Bones releases a bone on which Spooky gets attracted to. Once Spooky gets the bone, Luigi then must suck up Spooky with his Poltergust 3000. If missed, Spooky still goes back to the bone. After capturing Spooky, Luigi moves on to the boss battle with Bogmire.

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