Splish Splash Savage
Splish Splash Salvage
Diddy playing Splish Splash Savage.
Player(s) Diddy Kong
Tiny Kong
Location Jungle Japes
Gloomy Galleon
Snide's H.Q.
Time to Complete 60 seconds
Game Donkey Kong 64

Splish Splash Savage is a Bonus Stage played by the Kongs in the game Donkey Kong 64.


Splish Splash Savage is a minigame that involves swimming around in the water and collecting coins. The player must collect all of the coins within the 60 second time limit. However, there are a lot of Shuris in the water that attempt to slow the player down. Only Diddy Kong and Tiny Kong play this minigame; although, all of the Kongs can play this minigame at Snide's H.Q. once all of the Blueprints have been collected.

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