Spiny Surge is a special move used by Lakilester in the game Paper Mario. Lakilester already learns this move and it requires 4 FP to use.


To use Spiny Surge, the player must repeatedly tap the Control Stick in the left direction (N64 Stick left) to fill up the gauge as Lakilester toss many Spiny eggs at the enemies. After it's done, every enemy on the screen will get damaged. This move is very useful against a horde of enemies and against Huff N. Puff as well. However, the high FP cost is the only disadvantage of this move.


  • Spiny Surge is a stronger version of Spiny Flip.
  • Spiny Surge is the last of Lakilester's attacks that involves using Spiny eggs.
  • Enemies such as Spinys and Spike Tops are not affected by this move.

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