Spiny Shroopas are a Shroob version of the Spiny found in the Vim Factory in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


In battle, a Spiny Shroopa will hop at its target. To counterattack it, Baby Mario or Baby Luigi must use their hammers. After leaping the first time, there is a chance for a Spiny Shroopa to leap at its target a second time. Their attacks also have the ability poison their target.

Because of the spikes on the backs of the Spiny Shroopas, they can't be jumped on.


Partners in Time Purple Shell
  • The Spiny Shroopa's shell is similar looking to an unused Bros. Attack found in a screenshot before the game was released.


  • HP - 16
  • POW - 25
  • DEF - 32
  • Speed - 18
  • EXP - 2 (8)
  • Coins - 2
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