Spiny Cheep-Cheep is a spiky purple Cheep Cheep species enemy that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3. They overall have the same abilities and traits that normal Cheep Cheeps can do, but have spikes on which does not make a huge difference as Mario and Luigi cannot attack underwater enemies in regular ways.

These enemies reappear in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins as underwater enemies once more and were colored black due to the Game Boy's color limitations. It acts similar to how it did in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Spiny Cheep-Cheeps make another appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Wii after eighteen years of absence. They got recolored again into a purple color. They first appear in World 1-4 of the game. Like Deep Cheeps, Spiny Cheep-Cheeps attempt to attack Mario and co. down by chasing them up and down in this game. They can be defeated by a new method in this game with it being having Iceballs thrown at it.

They can also be defeated by Hammers in Super Mario Bros. 3 or Starmen in all three games.


  • When Spiny Cheep-Cheeps are unfrozen from the Iceball, they appear more angry, but it doesn't effect their behavior at all.


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