Spike Pillars (also called Spike Pistons, Skewers, or Shish-Kebabs) are metal, spiked compactors commonly seen in Fortresses, Castles, and Factories. An obstacle found in various Mario games, they appears as obstacles in various Castles emerging form their holes at a quick pace doing damage to Mario if he touches one. Spike Pillars can be seen in many different directions ranging from above, below, or even left or right, Spike Pillars are commonly indestructible and can only be avoided. If Mario is under the effects of an invincibility power-up such as the Starman, the Spike Pillar's attacks have no effect on him. Spike Pillars usually have a limit as to how far they can reach out and retract back in their holes after emerging buying the plumbers time to progress, in some cases, a Spike Pillar can be stopped by a wall or another Spike Pillar either below or above it.


Super Mario series

Super Mario World

Luigi ducking next to a Spike Pillar.

Spike Pillars are first seen in Super Mario World, they are found in various Castle levels starting from Wendy's Castle, they drop down from the ceilings or from the ground and dart up to the higher or lower surface. They cause damage upon contact.

New Super Mario Bros.

Mario near a Spike Pillar.

Spike Pillars later appear in New Super Mario Bros. in World 3-Castle and World 6-Fortress. They come from above, below, or even the sides. Mario (or Luigi) must time their movements to avoid being zinged by the Spike Pillars. Shell Mario can avoid damage from a Spike Pillar by ducking into his Shell as it lands on him, if he remains still and tucked in his Shell, the Spike Pillar will not be able to hurt him. Spike Pillars are sometimes seen guarding Star Coins requiring Mario (or Luigi) to time his movements to get the Star Coin.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Mario Crew in between several Spike Pillars.

Spike Pillars later appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Here they are found in World 4-Castle, World 6-Fortress, and World 7-Castle. In World 6-Fortress, two Giant Spike Pillars are the main gimmick of the level which requires Mario to move to the sides from time to time. Spike Pillars retain their behavior from the previous game but they now spin up retracting to and from their holes.

Super Mario 3D Land

Several Larger Spike Pillars as seen in Super Mario 3D Land.

Spike Pillars make their 3D debut in Super Mario 3D Land, in this game, they come out exclusively horizontally and are commonly found on Airships. Spike Pillars are much larger in this game and can stop after going out a certain length before retracting. Spike Pillars cannot harm Mario (or Luigi) when he is under the effects of a Starman or an Invincibility Leaf.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

The Spike Pillars from New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Spike Pillars return in New Super Mario Bros. 2, in this game, they are only seen coming from the sides of the walls and are commonly stopped by either walls or by collision with another Spike Pillar, they also emerge faster in this game. Spike Pillars only appear in World 3-Tower.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Toadette climbing the Tower nearing the Spike Pillars.

Spike Pillars return in New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in the levels Giant Skewer Tower and Shish-Kebab Tower respectively as the main hazard in both levels. They behave in the same way they did in past games (emerging from holes in set patterns) and once again deal damage upon contact.

Super Mario Maker/Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS/Super Mario Maker 2

Spike Pillars collide.

Spike Pillars reappear in Super Mario Maker as well as it's two sequels as placeable hazards. In this game, they can be made by shaking a Thwomp. Spike Pillars behave as they did in the mainline games but have a new appearance in the New Super Mario Bros. U style consisting of a flat surface rather than spiked.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

A Spike Pillar in Super Smash Bros..

Spike Pillars are seen in Super Smash Bros. 4 in the Super Mario 3D Land course. They commonly rise from the waters below whist the players battle it out on the Arrow Platforms on a level based on World 1-4.

Mario Party series

Mario Party: Island Tour

Boo wins against the Spike Pillars.

Spike Pillars appear in Mario Party: Island Tour in the minigame, Kabob and Weave. During the minigame, players are placed on a ledge in a factory with several Spike Pillars in the tunnel hole behind them. In the minigame, players need to dodge the Spike Pillars as they zoom out of their hole, if a player is hit by a Spike Pillar, they are immediately eliminated from the game. A Spike Pillar that is about to emerge pokes out slightly before doing so giving players a hint of where to move. As the minigame progresses, more Spike Pillars emerge from their holes at once which provides the players less leg room to avoid them. The winner is either the last player remaining or whichever players are still in the game when time is up.

Mario Party 10

The Spike Pillars in Mario Party 10.

Spike Pillars reappear in Mario Party 10 in the Chaos Castle board. They are seen spinning out of their holes periodically by Unlucky Spaces on a walkable wall. If players land on the Unlucky Spaces by the Spike Pillars, whoever was the captain at the time will be spiked and lose half their Mini Stars whilst being dropped down to the bottom of the wall. Spike Pillars are also seen in the 1 VS Rivals Minigame, Skewer Scurry where several Spike Pillars are seen around the walls of the room and the solo player (in a cockpit above the room) has to try and eliminate the teammates with the Spike Pillars which he/she can control with the buttons, the Spike Pillars are stopped by the metal walls which the team can use to their advantage.

Mario Party Superstars

New Spike Pillars

Spike Pillars also appear in Mario Party Superstars. In this game, they are seen in the returning minigame Skewer Scurry from Mario Party 10. Their role in this game is identical to how it was in their initial appearance. Once again, the solo player controls which Spike Pillars retract from the cockpit and attempts to zing the team members before time is up.