The Spike Bass is an enemy that only appears in New Super Mario Bros. It is a type of Cheep Cheep that attacks Mario from the water's surface. Spike Bass' are maroon fish, with a tan underbelly. They also have menacing yellow eyes, a sharp toothy grin, and spikes all over their bodies.


The Spike Bass jumps out of the water to attack Mario, similarly to the Porcupuffer in later installments in the New Super Mario Bros. series. The fish can only reach a certain level though, so if Mario is on high grounds, he will have a good chance of being safe.


The Spike Bass only appears in World 2-A and World 3-C of New Super Mario Bros. Sometimes Mario has to swim to complete the level, and a Spike Bass will be right there to attack the plumber. A star is available in the level, and can help Mario during the swimming areas. A Spike Bass can be defeated with the use of a Fire Flower, Blue Shell, Starman, or a Mega Mushroom. The victory however only lasts several seconds as a new Spike Bass will arrive to continue the attack. This can still give Mario (or Luigi) a breather for some time.