Speedy Graffiti is a 4-player minigame found in Mario Party 8.


The first player in the game simply stares at the ocean as the birds are flying above the background. When the player is surprised, a stone tablet falls down onto the ground as the player stays away from this tablet. Then three other boxes appear from the screen as the mini-game starts.


A cursor appears on screen simulating your character holding a spray paint can up to the tablet. The player must then spray paint in the exact shape as the one on the stone wall to destroy it. The pieces usually contain the pattern of a circle, a triangle, or a square, though never anything with more sides, such as a pentagon. After one is destroyed, another will fall and the process repeats. At the end of the 30-second time limit, the amount of stones destroyed is counted and the winner is declared. You can miss part of a shape and still break it.