Speedy Comet
The Speedy Comet is one of the Prankster Comets in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It apppears along with the others when the player collects 13 Power Stars. Speedy Comets share their theme with Daredevil Comets, which are equally dangerious. A major difference is that in Super Mario Galaxy, the timer does not stop until you reach the star, however; in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the timer stops when the mission is complete.


Speedy Comets have a time-bomb aspect to them. When a Speedy Comet is in orbit in a galaxy, a red comet appears near the galaxy in the map. Once it is selected and played, Mario needs to complete a mission in the galaxy with a time limit. If Mario manages to complete the mission before time runs out, he will receive a Power Star. If he doesn't, he loses one life. Mario reuses his Cosmic Comet losing animation if the latter happens.


The Speedy Comet is available in the following Galaxies.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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