Spector Inspector is a Dual mini-game that appears in the game Mario Party 8.


When the mini-game begins, the two players are put in a first-person perspective, each holding flashlights. The main objective of this mini-game is to find three of eleven enemies that are hidden in objects in the background such as objects or vases or any other area, and the first person to find three of the enemies will win the mini-game. However, there are some ghosts hidden that will stun the player for a short time if they are found. When a player wins, the lights will come back on and the two players will pose for a photo and a pose depending on who won and who lost.

List of hidden enemies

  • Amp - Can be found under a plate cover, which is on the table.
  • Flutter - Can be found in the piano.
  • Fly Guy - Can be found in a picture with the alike face shown.
  • Goomba - Can be found inside a white vase.
  • Koopa Troopa - Can be found on a pedestal which is covered by a sheet.
  • Lava Bubble - Can be found in the fireplace.
  • Penguin - Can be found inside a yellow vase.
  • Piranha Plant - Can be found on a pedestal which is covered by a sheet, like the Koopa Troopa.
  • Red Boo - Found inside a picture.
  • Thwomp - Found behind the right curtain of the window.
  • Whomp - Found behind the left curtain of the window.


  • Wiimote Icon - Move flashlight
  • Wiimote Dpad - Move and navigate around room
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