A Special Skill is a special move that minions can use in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser. The frequency at which the minion uses this move is determined by their SPIRIT stat. All Special Skills can be denied for 1 CP.


Name Known by Additional Effect Contact with
Rocket Headbutt Goombas , Private Goomp - Head
Throw the Fight Shy Guys , Ice Bros., Larry - -
Evasion Cloak Boos Evasion increased -
Rock Solid Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles Defense increased -
Cranium Crush Paragoombas, Koopa Paratroopas, Corporal Paraplonk - Head
Spin Cycle Big Tail Goombas, Tail Boo - Enemies around ally
Whomping Wallop Tower Goombas, Pokeys - Enemies behind target
Chain Shot Dry Bones, Blue Magikoopas, Ludwig - -
Kaboom Bash Bomb Boos, Bob-ombs - -
Piercing Projectile Big Boos, Boomerang Bros, Wendy - Enemies behind target
Air Bash Broozers Target defense lowered Side
Rain of Pain Spear Guys, Hammer Bros - Other random enemies
Mega Tackle Fly Guys, Chargin' Chucks - Side
Dive Attack Para-beetles, Starlow - Side
Spin to Win Spinies, Roy - -
Chain Stomp Lakitus, Morton - Head
Charging Champ Chain Chomp, Prince Peasley - Enemies behind target
Spitfire Fury Fire Stalking Piranha Plants, Lemmy - Other random enemies
Feed the Speed White Magikoopas Self and allies' Speed increased Surrounding allies
Power Up Red Magikoopas, Iggy Self and allies' Power increased Surrounding allies
Sure Shot Green Magikoopas, Sergeant Guy Self and allies' Accuracy increased Surrounding allies
Smack Back Attack Bowser Jr. - Side


  • Head and side contact deal a little damage to allies who physically hit an enemy with Head Spikes or Spikes, respectively.
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