Special 2-1 is the fifty-second level of Super Mario 3D Land. It is the first level of the second of the game's optional "special" worlds accessible only after beating the final level of the game's story mode.


The level takes place in the sky, atop several brick structures. The level is autoscrolling, meaning that if the player does not complete the level quickly, they may get stuck behind and lose a life. The level slowly progresses along an area with several Brick Blocks and Note Blocks, the first Star Medal being located in this area. After the Star Medal, many moving yellow platforms move the player around an area with Piranha Plants and a Red Ring. Afterwards, more Note Blocks lift the player to an area like the first, with several Brick Blocks. Following is another yellow platform section, with the second Star Medal. Note Blocks then take the player to a Warp Box to an area with a moving platform and the Flagpole, the last Star Medal found in a building behind.


Enemies that appeared in Special 2-1:

Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: The first Star Medal can be reached near the beginning while hopping off of a group of Note Blocks.
  • Star Medal 2: The second Star Medal can be found at the second section with yellow platforms, located high above one moving side-to-side. It can be reached by jumping off of another one.
  • Star Medal 3: At the end of the level, the third Star Medal can attained by using Tanooki Mario to float to the roof of the building behind the Flagpole, where the Star Medal can be obtained.
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