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Sparkling Waters is the tropical world of New Super Mario Bros. U. The world lies east of Acorn Plains, southeast of Layer-Cake Desert, south of Frosted Glacier, west from Soda Jungle and Rock-Candy Mines, and southwest from Meringue Clouds and Peach's Castle. The world is ocean themed, with many scattered islands. 

There are a total of 9 leves in this world. These include 5 normal stages, a Sunken Ship, a secret level, and a Tower and Castle level. Two Toad Houses, one green and one red, are also present.


New Super Mario Bros. U

  • Sparkling Waters-2: Tropical Refresher
  • Sparkling Waters-Tower: Giant Skewer Tower
  • Sparkling Waters-Ghost Ship: Haunted Shipwreck
  • Sparkling Waters-3: Above the Cheep Cheep Sea
  • Sparkling Waters-4: Urchin Shoals
  • Sparkling Waters-5: Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto
  • Sparkling Waters-Castle: Larry's Torpedo Castle
  • Sparkling Waters-Secret: Skyward Stalk

New Super Luigi U

Mario Party 10

Sparkling Waters appears in Mario Party 10 as the location that the mini-game Cheep Cheep Leap takes place in.