PiT SoulBubble.png

Soul Bubbles are the cream-colored, green-eyed, stronger variety of the Love Bubble. Like the Love Bubble, it appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi encountered the Soul Bubble during their storm of Shroob Castle. Their attacks are faster than the standard Love Bubble; the only difference between attacks is that while the Love Bubble will circle the brothers a pre-set number of times, the number of loops around the brothers made by the Soul Bubble will vary.

The Soul Bubble can heal other enemies in battle, just like the Love Bubble; however, the yellow enemies heal more HP than their original relatives. Also, the Soul Bubble can revive other enemies that've been defeated by the brothers. 


HP - 100

POW - 120

DEF - 114

Speed - 94

EXP - 175

Coins - 15


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