Somnom Woods[1] (ムユーウッド[2] Somnam Woods?) is a large forest with poisonous water found in the eastern area of Pi'illo Island. It is major location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is where the Ultibed is created by Bedsmith. It is also home to the Nommons and the Pi'illo Temple.


Sommon Woods is a very large forest with many twists and turns. It also contains poisonous water that will send Mario and Luigi back to the last platform if they fall into it.


Mario, Luigi, Prince Dreambert, and Starlow headed into Somnom Woods where they met with Bedsmith who crafted the Ultibed for them. However, Bedsmith says that they must go deeper into Somnom Woods to Pi'illo Temple to speak with the Zeekeeper. They did so but they also need to find the Pi'illo Masters first in order to proceed into the Temple. Along the way, they come across the "Gentle Children of Somnom", the Nommons, where they worship the Nom Pi'illos. However, some will give up the Nom Pi'illo if Mario and Luigi play a game with them. After finding all of the Pi'illo Masters, the group head into Pi'illo Temple. However, they accidentally activate the ancient Pi'illo Kingdom defense weapon, Pi'illodium, which Mario and Luigi engage in a battle. After defeating the creature, the group can finally place the Ultibed where Luigi sleeps and Mario enters into Dreamy Somnom Woods.


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