Sombrero Guys are enemies that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Sombrero Guys look exactly like regular Shy Guys except they wear a sombrero. They also are always seen playing their guitars.


Sombrero Guys are known for not going after Mario directly outside of battle. They just stay in one spot playing their guitars. However, when Mario fights another enemy nearby, Sombrero Guys will jump into the battle without warning. Sombrero Guys would always raise their enemy's attack power before attacking themselves. They are also always in the very rear of the fight. If Mario takes out all other enemies before defeating the Sombrero Guys, they will run away (though rarely they will still toss their sombreros at Mario dealing damage). Sombrero Guys are only found in World 2 in nearly every level except Damp Oasis.

Battle Statistics

Sombrero Guy's Stats
Max HP 15
Attack 4
Defense 0
  • Sombrero Toss
  • Power Up
  • Heal

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