Sock It to Lakitu is a boss mini-game in the game Mario Party 9. In "Solo" mode, it appears as a mid-boss in Toad Road.


The players must defeat Lakitu with the cannons above by hitting the blocks. Lakitu throws Spinies that can take the players' points. Players may earn one, two or three points if they shoot Lakitu with three Bullet Bills. Hitting the slot with the Spiny, a Spiny will appear. Spinies will take away one point from the player if they come in contact. After losing half of his lives, Lakitu will throw a Big Spiny, the player can lose two points if he/she comes in contact. Despite the player falling off the arena, the player will not lose points but will be brought back to the arena.


The Wii Remote should be held horizontally.

  • +Control Pad - Move
  • Two Button - Jump