Soak or Croak is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


The camera pans closer to the players and the fountain starts to sprout.


Every player holds a water tank, the water tank limits to five sprays. The player should shake the Joy-Con to refill the water tank. Players can shoot water to push the player onto a further distance. The player loses the minigame if they fall off the fountain. After time runs out, the remaining players wins the minigame.


The winners are standing in front of the fountain, they are doing their victory pose. The other players are standing on the fountain, they are doing their losing animation.


  • NS Stick – Move
  • NS JC Right Button – Spray
  • Joy-Con L Icon / Joy-Con R Icon (horizontal) – Refill

In-game description

  • "Splash your rivals out of the pool!"
  • "The water tank holds five sprays. Shake Joy-Con Icon for a refill!"
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