Snowflake Lake is a Party Mode board that appears in Mario Party 6.


Snowflake Lake is a snow/ice themed board. It should already be noticed that there isn't any Star Spaces on this board but, instead, players are given 5 Stars each and must use Chain Chomps to steal stars from other players. Chain Chomp areas are scattered throughout the board and players must pay a certain amount of coins to roll a certain amount of dices blocks. Paying 10 coins lets the player roll one dice block, paying 20 lets him/her roll 20, and paying 30 coins lets them roll three dice blocks. If the Chain Chomp manages to catch up to players, then the Chain Chomp will crush that player and take his/her stars.


Not much is different in the day except the Freezie-like roadblocks are still melted and the happening space issues an ice skating game.


The Freezie-like enemies are now up and block off certain paths forcing players to take the long way around. The happening space in the middle also changes to a snowball fight rather than the ice skating game.

Happening Spaces

  • Landing on one of the happening spaces issues an ice skating game if it's day or a snowball fight during the night. For the ice skating game, players must slide around the ring and collect coins. They must be careful not to run into each other or they will be stunned for a few seconds. For the snowball game, players must throw snowballs at each other knocking out his/her coins then collecting them.
  • Another happening space activates a large snowball that will capture players and sends them back to start.


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