Snow Cheep Cheeps (listed as Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom) in the capture list) are the introduced variety of Cheep Cheep appearing in the Snow Kingdom in the game, Super Mario Odyssey.

Snow Cheep Cheeps can survive out of the water; though, its means of locomotion on it varies between games, either showing it flopping around uselessly or hopping from place to place. Throughout its appearances, the attack pattern of Snow Cheep Cheep remains consistent.


They have the appearance of regular Cheep Cheeps, but are purple instead of red, and their yellow fins are more brightly colored.

They act the same as regular Cheep Cheeps, but are shown to have adopt to the freezing water of Shiveria and live there. Mario is able to capture them and use them to swim deeper in the water, as he would otherwise freeze and lose health.

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