Snoozorbs are large robots used by the Shroobs as guards in Shroob Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The name 'Snoozorb' is a portmanteau of the words 'snooze' and 'orb'. Usually, Snoozorbs are found sleeping, but if the Bros. approach them, they wake up and attack. Snoozorbs attack by either shooting a laser beam or changing into a ball and rolling into the Bros. As with other enemies, Snoozorbs give two hints on how they attack. First, they will blow some steam. If the steam comes out the right of the Snoozorb's head, it will attack Mario and if the steam comes out the left, it is targeting Luigi.

If the Snoozorb does its rolling attack, it will roll toward the appropriate brother, who must Hammer the enemy away. If the Snoozorb is planning on firing a laser, it charges, gathering energy. If the energy goes straight in, Mario or Luigi must Jump to avoid the attack. If it spirals, however, the attack will pass overhead.

After Snoozorbs have taken enough damage, they start attacking multiple times in a single turn.


HP - 150

POW - 176 (160)

DEF - 156 (170)

Speed - 98

EXP - 170

Coins -15


Although this enemy has a speed stat of 98, it will never get to its turn to attack until the player hurts it.


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