Snooze-a-Koopas are enemies that appear in Super Mario Sunshine.


Snooze-a-Koopas look similar to Electro Koopas in appearance. Their shells also looks similar to that of the Yoshis.


Snooze-a-Koopas are only seen during episode 4 of Pinna Park: The Wilted Sunflowers. Many Snooze-a-Koopas have implated themselves on the ground where they cause the sunflowers to become wilted. To defeat them, Mario must spray the Snooze-a-Koopas with F.L.U.D.D. until they rise up from the ground. After at, the Snooze-a-Koopas will then start to chase after Mario and then attempt to slam down onto him. Mario must dodge this to make them get stuck in the ground for a few seconds (note that this only works for sand as the Snooze-a-Koopas quickly get back if they hit grass). Mario must them jump on their soft underbellies to dispose of them. Everytime Mario defeats a Snooze-a-Koopa, a sunflower becomes unwilted. After all of the Snooze-a-Koopas have been taken down, Mario will be awarded a Shine Sprite. Also note that the Yoshis will become unlocked on other stages.

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