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Snifit or Whiffit's logo.

Snifit or Whiffit (known as Hit It or Snifit in PAL regions) is a game show that Mario participates in Stump Glade during Paper Mario: Sticker Star with a Snifit as the host.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Hit It or Snifit Logo in the European version of the game.

In the game, Mario must play three mini-games to collect the Wiggler Segment in order to advance. The first challenge Pick-or-Choose Panic is a true or false quiz. Here, Mario must answer three questions correctly by hitting the ✔ and ✘ blocks. Along the way, there is poisonous gas, which drains 2 HP from his current total. The second challenge is called Big Bonking Snifit Bash. Here, Mario must bash 20 Snifits to win with his hammer. Along the way, there are hearts which will add 5 HP to Mario's total. Unrelentingly Exciting Shuffle Game is the third challenge that Mario gets to play in the show. One of the blocks contains a check, while the others contain a Snifit. To win it, Mario must pick the correct block three times. If Mario chooses a wrong one, then a Snifit will come out of it, which triggers a battle with poisonous gas. There is also a bonus challenge in the show, which is called Big-Bonking-Panic-Pick-And-Choose Snifit Bash. For this bonus challenge there is a true or false question that appears on the screen and Mario must bash five Snifits before he can answer it. Mario must answer three questions correctly to win the Radiator Thing Sticker.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Snifit host the show in Paper Mario: Color Splash

The game returns in Paper Mario: Color Splash and it takes place at the Cobalt Base known as Snifit or Whiffit: Seabed Edition. Here, Mario and Huey must use the cards they have during their adventure to answer questions in order to win a Mini Paint Star and an Instant Camera Thing Card.