Snide's H.Q. (short for Snide's Headquarters) is a location that appear in Donkey Kong 64. It serves as the home for Snide who is known for his inventions. Snide's H.Q. plays an important role as the Kongs must bring Snide blueprints in order to help slow down King K. Rool's machine and reward the Kongs with Golden Bananas. Snide's H.Q. is most notable for being found in almost every major level except for Hideout Helm. Snide's inventions operate in a Rube Goldberg-style as a chain reaction ultimately sends out the Golden Banana. 


DK Isles

Snide's H.Q. can actually be found on K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress but counts under DK Isles. Snide's HQ can be found after swining near some vines.

Jungle Japes

Snide's H.Q. can be found in the higher area of Jungle Japes right above Funky's Armory. It's quicker to get up to it by taking Bananaport 2.

Angry Aztec

Snide's H.Q. can be found in the second area of Angry Aztec. It is close-by the tower and players should beware of the Klaptrap nearby.

Frantic Factory

Snide's H.Q. can be found in the lobby of Frantic Factory. To get here, take the path on the right of the world entry/exit and climb up the pole that usually leads to the Testing Department.

Gloomy Galleon

Snide's H.Q. can be found in the Lighthouse area of Gloomy Galleon in an alcove. However, the water level must be risen in order to reach it.

Fungi Forest

Snide's HQ can be found in the mill area of Fungi Forest (going down the blue tunnel from the main clock area.) It can only be accessed during the day.

Crystal Caves

Snide's H.Q. is found behind an icy wall located near the entrance to Crystal Caves. The wall must be broken with Chunky Kong's Primate Punch.

Creepy Castle

Snide's H.Q. can be found by climbing to the top of the castle in Creepy Castle, near the area where Lanky Kong gets a Golden Banana from the Beaver Bother mini-game. Be careful of the Kosha near the walkway.


  • There is a glitch that players can do in Snide's H.Q. once they collect all blueprints and unlock the minigames menu. Pull up the minigame menu and then press the A and B buttons at the same time to enter into a testing room with four platforms the player can jump on, a yellow Banana Balloon and a motionless Donkey Kong who only blinks. Be warned that the player will have to reset the game if they do this glitch since they cannot exit with the pause menu and walking into the black borders will only re-spawn them back into the room.
  • The music for Snide's H.Q. is based on the main theme from The Pink Panther movies.