The Sneaky Parasol is a key item that appears Paper Mario.


The Sneaky Parasol is only used by Princess Peach and it can be obtained from participating in Mr. Hammer's quiz show after the events of Chapter 5. Even if Peach doesn't get the most answers correct, Mr. Hammer will still give away the Sneaky Parasol. With the Sneaky Parasol, Princess Peach is able to disguise herself as one of Bowser's minions. However, she must be behind the minion before copying them in order to prevent being caught. When transformed, Princess Peach is able to wander safely in her castle without the worry of being caught and sent back to her room.

After Chapter 6, Princess Peach and Twink plan to test out the Sneaky Parasol out more. Peach can then take the form of a Koopatrol or a Hammer Bro (though she must go into the library to turn into the latter) and talk with a Koopatrol blocking the door leading upstairs. He says another minion is slacking on the job and asks the disguised Peach to look for him giving her the Castle Key to head outside. Outside, a Clubba can be seen sleeping and has no intentions to leave. Peach must then disguise herself as the Clubba and walk back to the Koopatrol who then lets her through. Eventually, she runs into Kammy Koopa who manages to break Peach's disguise as she noticed her sweet scent. The Sneaky Parasol isn't used again after this as Peach becomes tied up as Bowser plans for Mario's arrival.