Snack Attack is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


There are players holding large cups above their head. The players turn around and see a corn-shaped volcano erupting popcorn and boulders. The camera faces the players and the game starts.


The objective is to collect the most popcorn. The shadow hints where the popcorn will fall and players gain a point when they catch it. Players lose half of their popcorn when the boulder lands on either cup and they are stunned for a second. While the player loses their popcorn, other players can catch the popcorn.


The players are positioned onto a horizontal line in front of their popcorn, winners does their victory pose while other players sulk.


  • NS Stick – Move

In-game description

  • "Catch popcorn, not boulders!"
  • "If a boulder hits you, you'll spill some popcorn!"

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