The Smithy Gang was an evil organization led by Smithy that tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom



The official leader of the Smithy Gang. Smithy is the master of creations that have created most of the other members of the Smithy Gang. Smithy has the ability to create Machine Mades and use many moves. During a point of a fight, Smithy reveals his true form which composes of many heads.


The large sword that crashed into Bowser's Keep. Exor acts as a portal from Smithy's world to the Mushroom Kingdom.


The bouncy member of the group. Mack along with his Shyster army invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and overtook Peach's castle and guarded the first Star Piece. Mack is the master of fire and can also leave the battle for a few turns.


The bow-like character of the group and guardian of the second Star Piece. Bowyer lauched many Aeros that stunned the residents of Rose Town from the Forest Maze. Bowyer also has the unique ability to lock action commands and appears to the be master of thunder.


The spear-like member of the Smithy Gang. Yaridovich was sent to invade Seaside Town and get the Star Piece. Yaridovich is most unique for his ability to create many clones.

Axem Rangers

A smaller team of the Smithy Group. They travel around on their battleship named the Blade and eventually stole the Star Piece from Mario at Barrel Volcano.

Other Members

Other Smithy Gang members include of smaller enemies such as the Aeros fired by Bowyer. Other types of enemies known as Machine Mades composed of grey models of the other members of the Smithy Gang. The Factory Chief, Gunyolk, and the Smelter are also members of the Smithy Gang.

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