"Better yet, why don't you give me YOUR stars? Then I could easily conquer this world! We could get rid of all wishes and create a world filled with...WEAPONS!"
― Smithy
Super Mario RPG Statistics: Smithy

Smithy's artwork.
Location(s) Factory
Health Points (HP) First Form: 2000
Second Form: 8000
Second Form - Tank Head: 8000
Second Form - Magic Head: 8000
Second Form - Armour Head: 8000
Second Form - Treasure Head: 8000
Flower Points (FP) First Form: 250
Second Form: 50
Second Form - Tank Head: 30
Second Form - Magic Head: 250
Second Form - Armour Head: 120
Second Form - Treasure Head: 250
Attack First Form: 230
Second Form: 180
Second Form - Tank Head: 250
Second Form - Magic Head: 135
Second Form - Armour Head: 40
Second Form - Treasure Head: 150
Defense First Form: 130
Second Form: 80
Second Form - Tank Head: 130
Second Form - Magic Head: 50
Second Form - Armour Head: 150
Second Form - Treasure Head: 120
Magic Attack First Form: 100
Second Form: 60
Second Form - Tank Head: 10
Second Form - Magic Head: 130
Second Form - Armour Head: 70
Second Form - Treasure Head: 78
Magic Defense First Form: 100
Second Form: 50
Second Form - Tank Head: 50
Second Form - Magic Head: 150
Second Form - Armour Head: 100
Second Form - Treasure Head: 80
Speed First Form: 30
Second Form: 40
Second Form - Tank Head: 50
Second Form - Magic Head: 35
Second Form - Armour Head: 0
Second Form - Treasure Head: 18
Weaknesses Second Form - Tank Head: Thunder
Second Form - Armour Head: Ice
Second Form - Treasure Head: Fire
Dropped Item Nothing
Yoshi Cookie Item Mushroom
Bonus Flower Attack Up! - Impossible to obtain
Psychopath Message First Form: Eh?! Not bad!
Second Form: This isn’t good at all!
Second Form - Tank Head: Don't shock me! DON'T!
Second Form - Magic Head: Good magic, bad defense.
Second Form - Armour Head: Nothin' can hurt me!
Second Form - Treasure Head: What's hidden inside?!
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points 0

Smithy is the leader of the Smithy Gang and the main antagonist of the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is a corrupt tyrant who wishes to get rid of wishes, and overwhelm the world with weapons.


Smithy attempted to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, by driving his sword, Exor, into Bowser's Keep, crashing through the Star Road in the process. Soon, Mario and his team invaded Smithy's Factory and defeats him in battle. Smithy can also be seen in the parade in the end yelling at his three members Mack, Bowyer, and Yaridovich, while bonking their heads with a sledgehammer.


Phase 1

In the first phase, Smithy mainly attacks by using the move Sledge which causes damage to all players. He also has the ability to create many Shysters that can use the move Arrow Rain to inflict damage. The Smelter is also an target which aids Smithy in his creation of the Shysters.


For the first phase, Mario and his team should focus on Smithy and him alone. The Smelter has 1500 HP while Smithy himself has 2000 HP so it is wise to focus all strong attacks to bring his HP down. Peach equipped with the Lazy Shell armor should work wonders as she must focus mainly on healing. Bowser is also a helpful ally especially with his Drill Claw move.

Phase 2

During the second phase, Smithy can now change his head four different times all having different moves:

Tank Head

Smithy's most defensive head. The tank head can also use a dangerous move called Magnum which has the possibility of defeating one of Mario's partners in one hit.

Magic Head

Smithy's head that has the most magic attack power. This head can use a variety of moves such as Dark Star and Sword Rain.

Treasure Head

Smithy's most mystical head. Whenever it attacks, something random happens such as a move that could poison all of Mario's party.

Masked Head

Smithy's main head of healing. It can use the healing moves Recover and Mega Recover.


All of Smithy's heads except the Magic Head have a weakness. The tank head is thunder, the treasure head is fire, and the masked head is ice. It should be noted that Smithy defense is much weaker in his Magic Head form so it would be wise to attack all out once it appears. Mario should stick to Lazy Shell unless Smithy turns into the Treasure Head which he should use Mega Flame. Bowser should stay offensive with Drill Claw while Peach heals. Peach equipped with the Lazy Shell armor and the Safety Pin will make her a useful ally.