Smash and Crab is a 1-vs-3 minigame in Super Mario Party. It is a pun of "smash and grab", a form of burglary.


The solo player looks around and is shocked that the Sidestepper mecha encounters the solo player.


In this minigame, the solo player can move around but cannot jump. The solo player has to avoid the Sidestepper mecha's attack. The player has thirty seconds to dodge their attacks. If the player gets hit, the player loses the minigame. The player wins if he/she manages to avoid every attack when thirty seconds passed.

For team players, each of them controls the robot. A player inside the robot's stomach moves the Sidestepper while the two players inside the robot's eyes press the button to hammer the target. The team wins if they hammer the target. The team loses if the player evades their attacks.


If the solo player wins, the Sidestepper mecha will fall to the ground and struggles. The winner does his/her victory animation.

If the team players win, the screen fades black and the screen reappears with the three players standing on the jetty and the winners does their victory animation.


Solo Side

  • NS Stick – Move Left/Right

Team Side

  • NS Stick – Move Crab Left/Right (center player only)
  • NS JC Right Button – Smash (left/right players only)
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